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Summer of Modernism – Vintage Cocktail Party

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Arapahoe Acres Historic MCM for Rent

The Middlebrook House is available for rent. A unique mid-century modern home with many original details/finishes intact.  3bd/2ba, 1800 square foot tri-level with 2 car carport.

More information here:  MCM for Rent

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Kirkland Museum Kick-Off Party

Summer of Modernism Kick-Off

Looking forward to seeing you at all of the Mod flavored events happening this summer.

The first one is tomorrow night at the Kirkland Museum from 5:30-7:30. Click on the picture above for more info.

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Summer of Modernism

2009 is turning out to be the year of Modernism.

5280mod and Historic Denver, Inc. have already co-lead two Modernism Tours in 2009…one for Colorado Preservation, Inc.’s annual conference and another for the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Partners Retreat.

We are very encouraged to see mid-century modern architecture achieving historically significant status. There a handful of one-owner, architect designed, mid-century modern homes coming available in the next few weeks and months. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing and preserving an historic modern home.

We hope to see you on the Home Tour or at the Kirkland Museum!

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bow mar MODERN

5700 S. Blue Sage Drive

OPEN SATURDAY 5/23 1-3pm 

This stunning custom contemporary home is located in the upscale suburban lake-side community of Bow Mar.

Architect Jeff Swanson designed the dynamic structure – comprised of canted angular volumes juxtaposed with a sensuously curving concrete block facade – to highlight the creative and artistic lifestyle of the owners.



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Denver Modernism Tour!

Tour Flyer

Hilltop - June 6th & 7th

Historic Denver, Inc. has been a long time advocate for preserving the City’s mid-century modern architecture. Here’s your chance to explore the work of some of Colorado’s outstanding modernist architects while supporting much needed preservation efforts.

Click on the flyer for additional information.

Just some thoughts on it all…

Like nearly everything else, it’s almost impossible to think about architecture these days without including thoughts of the economic climate. As a practitioner in the field, I think a lot about the direction of modern architecture in all this, how it will change, and how we, designers and owners, can adapt to the new world we find ourselves in. It’s easy to be down about it all, but there are also opportunities to be found, and what we admire and enjoy (the approach to design that began in the early 20th century and became modernism and now today’s progressive design) had its roots in equally turbulent times and was a response to them, a desire to find different values again. Sustainability and common-sense building are already watchwords, but they become critical in times like these. Simplicity, efficiency, one “design move” that serves many purposes…these are all principles inherent in modern design that will be very important going forward.  In the short term, maybe there will be a shift to remodeling and adding to the homes we already have, as there can be significant financial advantages to improving an existing residence vs. building an entirely new structure.


A sense of reconnecting to the basic values of dwelling and place: the home as a place of enclosure, security and comfort, tied into the landscape and to nature, the importance of living at a smaller, slower scale that allows the appreciation of the sensation of your hand on a warm handrail or the light coming through a window that’s positioned perfectly to catch it, and the warmth of a house that brings your family together…these are the sorts of conversations and design elements that transcend stylistic labels and  that come back to the fore when the faux-Tuscan McMansion and the half-empty spec development are reeling like dinosaurs after the asteroid…

Thought and comments welcome.


I wonder about adding a series of threads to this blog to discuss these things. And I’m keeping my old copies of Dwell, Todd!

30 old issues of Dwell. Free to a good home

I’m doing massive spring cleaning. Releiving myself of clutter. But I hate to throw away/recycle magazines for some reason. Anyway, I have 30 issues of old Dwell magazines for the first person willing to drive out to the south-west side of the metro area and grab them. I’ll also throw in 6 issues of Metropolitan home, and a couple Atomic Ranches. Please don’t ask what’s here. Call it a surprise. I’ll put these on Craig’slist to give away if I don’t here from anyone today so let me know. 303-747-6913. Leave a message, I might be out in the garage cleaning.