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found – Cool Pre-Fab from Meta Studio

Michael Nekuda, sent me some pictures of their latest prefab project. Check out for details

A great post about Modern Prefab

Dee Copeland, from Austin Texas wrote a great article about modern prefab this morning. It’s obviously not Denver specific, but there’s some great advice on entering such an endeavor.

found – Michelle Kaufman interviewed about Denver Pre-Fab developement

One of the emerging building techniques for modern architecture is factory built. Call it Pre-Fab or modular, just don’t call it a trailer. Building high end homes in a factory assures high tolerances, protection for the elements, and less waste.

mkd.pngArchitect Michelle Kaufman has been at the forefront of modern pre-fab. Now she’s bringing her talents to Colorado. I found an article and audio interview that reveals her plans for a new townhome development near Regis University.

Fab Pre Fab at Furnish – Thursday Night!

modprefab.pngCheck this out. Jill and Erick of Mod Livin‘ are hosting a lecture on modern, prefabricated homes. I’m so jealous because they’re building one of their own! I have plans tomorrow night, but I’m trying to break them so I can go. Hope to see you there.

Modern modular coming to Denver

Colorado is a prime market for modular construction. The high cost of labor and inclement weather have even influenced some major builders to build at least part of their homes in a factory setting. On problem however, is that these homes are tradition Colonial designs, not modern ones. This is about to change.

Michelle Kaufmann, designer of the factory constructed Sunset Breezehouse & Glidehouse, has secured a relationship with a local and respected modular builder. I’ve been a big fan of MKD projects, but never seriously considered one because the factory was located in British Columbia. Now, these homes will be available from a construction site here on the Front Range.

To find out more about these fantastic homes, visit for details.

Included image copywrite MKD

fabprefab – modernist prefab dwellings

fabprefab is, “a web resource dedicated to tracking developments in the realm of modernist prefab dwellings”. It’s a cool site with an active forum, and many updates on prefabricated modern homes. I found product called the Wee House through fabprefab. I think it would make an awesome mountain retreat.